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Angela Yeo is the owner of ProYeo Integral Performance Coaching, a company dedicated to active, healthy lifestyles. She is an ISSA certified personal trainer (CFT) and Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS), as well as a Westside Special Strengths Coach. She is an Arnold Amateur top-three, NPC nationally qualified physique athlete, and a two time professional natural physique world champion. She has also been featured in numerous magazines and websites, all of which can be found on her blog. She is a personal trainer in Toledo, Ohio with experience and education to set her apart in the fitness world. Her focus will be pushing you to meet your health goals whether you are new to working out or are a seasoned gym fanatic. Click through the tabs here to check out location and program options then feel free to use her contact form to get started now!

Team ProYeo at Inspire Fitness

Revitalize Fitness is a bright, modern fitness facility located at 2584 South Detroit Ave., Maumee, Ohio at the corner of S. Detroit and the Anthony Wayne Trail. Revitalize Fitness offers very low monthly membership rates without locking you in to long term contracts. You can enjoy the wide variety of equipment and spacious layout on your own time, but you really get the most out of the facility by hiring a personal trainer. They also offer a women’s only area, child care, weightlifting room, and a cardio theater. You can reach Revitalize Fitness by phone at (419) 214-0190 or stop on in and check the facility out yourself. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a map.


Angela Yeo also offers HomeFit options where she is willing to come to you! If you have some equipment at home, she can help you work with that. She will also bring anything that is needed for your sessions. If you are just starting out and any type of gym intimidates you, if you are short on time, if you are recovering from an injury and don’t want to travel, if you are a busy Mom with no time to travel to the gym, Angela is ready to work with you in your own home. HomeFit has limited availability due to the nature of this program. Please call directly or use the contact form to check if there are any openings.


Angela Yeo also offers ProYeo Integral Performance Coaching online options. This can range from workout programs to diet advice, weight loss weekly checkins with progression picture updates, or a combination of all of the above. The programs she offers are always 100% custom made to your exact needs, whether online or in person. Online offerings are extremely limited. Angela will never overbook or give you less than 100% so use the contact form to inquire if any slots are open.

Angela Yeo is an ISSA certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist with the knowledge and experience to get you moving toward your goals. From beginner to seasoned athlete, you will find exactly what you are looking for. Offerings include:


  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Workouts
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Diets
  • Strength Training
  • Fitness Classes

Whether you are looking for one-on-one training, partner training, or group sessions you will find them offered with flexible hours and excellent prices!


Revitalize Fitness

Memberships are offered as low as $10 dollars a month without locking you in to a contract. Take a look at their webpage to see all that you get with that membership. The additional cost for personal training is available by stopping in to the facility or giving them a call. Contact details are under the location tab.

HomeFit and Online Options

Due to the nature of these offerings, the price will vary. That’s because everything is tailored to what you want and depends on the services requested. Give Angela a call or use the contact form here to give a description of what you are looking for. We can then determine if opening are available and the cost of your custom program.

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Lynda M

First of all I want to congratulate Angie Yeo for becoming an IFBB pro! She has accomplished in just a few short years what every bodybuilder competitor dream of and rarely accomplish. Her drive, determination and compassion made her one of the best female physique...

Jade M

I started working with Anjie because I wanted to become more comfortable in the gym. I didn’t grow up playing sports or really getting any fitness experience at all, so I’ve always been very intimidated by gyms and all of their equipment. When I first met Anjie, I...

Olivia A.

I met Angie 5 months before my wedding. I came in with the goals of improving my shoulder definition as well as building my glutes. Though to me this seemed like plenty of time to get prepared for my big day, I quickly realized how much work it takes to build muscle....

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