OH MY where to start?  I have two boys and am married.  Both boys were over 9 lbs when born.  One was almost 10 lbs.! I have suffered from severe depression off and on most of my adult life.  I have stress induced or otherwise known as exercise induced asthma. I have had knee surgery and have two bulging disks in my back with chronic back pain.   I have always been over weight and my self-esteem was pretty much non-existent!  I grew up in a home that was not complimentary…just the opposite.  I have tried a lot of diets and each time I gain the weight back if not more.   I work EMS so I have three jobs although one is mainly volunteer basis.  I also volunteer for the school, the teacher, and cub scouts.  Needless to say I have never known what an empty plate looks like.  I also have not put myself as a priority for most of my life.  Something else or someone else was always more important.

Probably two years ago.  It was January and I was at my largest I have ever been in my life.  I was actually thinking of getting the lap ban surgery.  I went to the doctor to have a discussion about my health and had blood work done.  My A1C came back borderline diabetic but my sugar levels were not there yet….there was still time! Diabetes runs HUGE in my family!  I knew for my kids sake that I needed to get my act together and start to get healthier.  I started looking into a dietician, workout place, and anything else I needed to start on my path.  I went to the gym and even though it was a bit costly I signed up for personal fitness trainer…I figured my health was worth the cost!  That first time I showed up I met Angie…YEO!  I loved her!  Her positive attitude and optimistic view were infectious!  She could tell that I was in a dark place!  I was speaking very negatively about my body and what I thought of the way I looked.  I didn’t have a number to hit but more that I wanted to feel sexier and happier.  I wanted to wear a beautiful dress at the end of my journey that my husband would love to see me in!

I started working out with her that day and was committed.  I won’t lie… it was hard.  It was and still is one of the hardest things in my life to do.  I am still constantly struggling with my mental state of putting myself first.  As a mother it is just not natural, BUT IT HAS TO BE! Angie was a rock for me!  I have been in gyms most of my life, but this experience put my gym life on a whole new level!  I couldn’t believe some of the exercises she was having me do or that I could do! Even different ways to use the equipment!  I took off quickly losing weight every week.  I was eating healthier more natural foods less processed foods.  I lost almost 60 lbs. in eight months with her!  One saying that always stuck with me with her was that she told me “you don’t just want to be a skinnier version of you, you want to be a smaller healthier version!”  That has stuck with me.  Even when I wanted to quit because I was sick of doing weights I started to see an amazing thing happen…my body started to change!  My legs and butt had never looked like that in the past!  I always had a pouch in my lower abdomen worse even after having kids but even that was disappearing!  I loved it!  I actually started to wear workout gear that was tight and was finally feeling like I wasn’t embarrassed to take off my shirt for the pictures!

My biggest regret is that I had to have surgery.  I had a hysterectomy and I ended up going down that slippery slope of negativity and laziness again.  I gained back some of the weight after surgery but it was a struggle getting back into the gym again.  Angie kept on me though.  She was not giving up on me!  She is not only a personal trainer but just as good as a therapist as well!  I would have given up long before had it not been for her!  I still have a lot of my weight gone but not to where I was before.  I am getting back on the train of “I know I can I know I can” thanks to her.

She reminds me all the time that I AM WORTH IT!! That I CAN DO IT!  I have done it before and I can do it again!  I feel that not only did I find a coach and therapist in Angie but a friend as well!  I would highly recommend her to anyone!  I want to wrap her up and take her everywhere with me!  I WILL get back to what I was during my time with her that is a promise thanks to her support and belief in me!


Christa Shaneyfelt

Angie believer!!!!!

#Best thing I have ever done

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