I have been training with Angela since late September 2015.  We meet together three times each month and I always look forward to each session.  I know that each time we meet I will either be challenged with something new or pushed to the next level on an exercise I have already been working on.  I love the fact that she does challenge me and has confidence in me that I can go further than I ever thought I could go.

My current goals in working with Angela is to build additional muscle in all areas of my body.  She has put together a six day weekly plan for me to accomplish just that.  Each day focuses on a different muscle area.  I am the type of person who is very careful and set on properly performing a particular strength training exercise.  She is always willing to take the time to address any questions, concerns and doubts I have about any exercise I am performing.  She is very experienced and attentive to making sure my performance with any movement is properly carried through so that I am obtaining the maximum benefits that particular exercise is designed to fulfill.  Her love of helping others and passion for training is clearly evident when we work together and when I have observed her working with other clients.  It is clear she wants to give her clients more self confidence and help them find joy in exercise and most importantly the joy in accepting themselves.