Look no further, you have found your trainer. Angela is the real deal. She’s a cut-from-the-cloth professional who will work with you to achieve whatever goal you’re after. Note the very important word, “with”.  She’s not going to just toss some boilerplate workouts at you and tell you to clean up your diet. Angela shows you. Angela works with you. Angela makes your dreams her dreams. She dives deep into what your goals are and why you want to achieve them. She looks at every aspect of the current situation and how the levers could be moved to impact change. Angela customizes everything you do under her guidance, because once she takes you on as a client, she’s all in with you. 

I started professionally working with Angela earlier this year. Two months out from a wedding, I went in for a follow up bridesmaid dress fitting. Disaster: It was too small. The tailor had to work acrobatics to get me in it. It wasn’t that the dress had gotten smaller. I had gotten bigger, in all the wrong places. In general, I wasn’t feeling great about my figure and was afraid of how I’d look in photos. I’d felt like this for some time, despite generally eating healthy and working out four or more times a week. My weight kept inching up, and my confidence kept inching down. I knew I needed help. 

Angela created a unique program that was tailored to me and my needs. We had incredibly aggressive goals (remember, just 8 weeks to the wedding!) and zero learning curve time for me. But she was all in, so I was all in. And we worked HARD. I followed her workouts. I followed her nutrition. I asked questions, which were many. She had answers, which were also many and full of depth and guidance. But more than anything, she offered support. I believed I could do this because Angela believed I could. She believed in me. And together, we crushed my goal. 


Stop all excuses for not getting on board with Angela ProYeo. This is where your life begins to change for the better.