I loved working with Anjie.  She was so helpful.  I was also going to Physical Therapy at about the same time I started woking with Anjie.  I told her what the therapist would recommend and she worked those things into my routine.  I was taking an Advil everyday because of various leg issues.  After 2 months of working with Anjie, I no longer needed to take the Advil daily.  She listens to what you say and if things are hurting, tries to push but not so much that you are doing beyond what she knows you can do.  I have heard other trainers be quite vocal and I know she can be vocal but I feel like she understood me.  Anjie is caring and does what is best for each person.  She helped with my diet and got me to eat healthier.  I only signed up to work with her for 3 months and very glad that I did.  If I want to have a trainer again, I would definetly request Anjie.