Are you thinking about hiring a personal fitness trainer? Of course you are, so you might as well train with the BEST! I had the great fortune of working with Ankhjii and met all my fitness goals and more within only 19 grueling but empowering workout sessions.

Just look at her photos, need I say more?? I’d say she’s as close to perfection as a human body can get. This helps, but it is her total enthusiasm, dedication, warmth, and passion to help others that, like a giant rope, pulled me up at my weakest moments and helped me fight and win. I own the ground I am walking on today.

Through Ankhjii’s masterfully and totally customized workout plans and her expert advice
1) I learned to develop new and healthy ways of eating
2) I (we) reduced my Piriformis Syndrome symptoms by 95%
3) I (we) eliminated chronic knee pain that limited my activity for years
4) I achieved beautiful tone and definition

Ankhjii will motivate you in any direction you want to go in and you will NOT STOP until you get there!