At 38 years old I knew I had to change my diet. My strength had been stagnate at the gym. I wasn’t happy. My body fat percentage was higher than I wanted. I couldn’t lose fat and gain muscle.

My only choices seemed to be get fat and gain muscle or diet and to lose fat but at the expense of losing all of my muscle.  So I decided what the hell. Ill hire someone to help me out and just see what happens.

I met Angie at the gym. You could tell this girl had been doing all the right things. I sat down with her she had told me what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right(which wasnt much). She ended up completely changing my diet. The first week or so was a little difficult. Completely changing my diet did require an adjustment period. But after that, it was easy. And slowly but surely my strength had improved and my body fat was going down.

I couldnt believe that these small changes have made such a big difference. I feel better and I am stronger. 10/10 would recommend.