This is a letter received by Aspire Corporate Offices:

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this to sing the praises of the single best trainer in the universe, Ms. Angela Yeo, at the location in Parkway Plaza, Maumee, Ohio. I should start this story of praise at the beginning, because, in the interest of full disclosure, she had trained me (briefly) prior to joining the team at Aspire Fitness. I have had a few injuries that seriously inhibited my mobility, coupled with years of ignoring the problem, left me in an almost worse than rehab state. When I first started seeing Angela. I started fearfully and gingerly. Angela had a lot to overcome with me. I was never athletic, not in any way, plus I had had two surgeries on my right ankle, and on the left side, a knee surgery. My physical therapist heartily recommended strength training, so I know I needed to really try, so I could walk again, normally. After a brief time, she told me she was moving to another gym, and I had to make the decision to get serious or give up altogether.

I got serious. I walked into the gym and signed up for an unheard of package; three one hour sessions a week for eighteen months.

Since I have been working with Angela at Aspire Fitness, my squat has gone up from literally just the bar to 170lbs. My deadlift has gone from “could not even do it” to 225lbs. My bench has gone from an assisted Smith machine to 90lbs. While I have shown up and done the work, I could never have done all of this without Angela’s unrelenting encouragement and perseverance. She writes new programs for me, she reviews my goals, she tailors everything we do to what I want and what my particular physical limitations are (and there are many), so we can fix them. The goal is always to become stronger, better, more focused. She helps me with my diet, in determining the proper pre and post workout nutrition to maximize my time in the gym, she knows my dietary limitations and sensitivities. I ask her about my planned accessory work and she gives me suggestions for the best work to support our current goals. She is a constant positive force in my life and an endless fountain of support and knowledge. I have never known another person that has had such a dedicated trainer. Literally no one. Between reps, I ask her about nutrition and equipment, cardio and donuts. She always encourages me to push myself, and I am starting to really think of myself as an athlete. This year I have gone to a women’s powerlifting “camp,” and I just registered for my first powerlifting meet. I would never have done this without her unwavering support. She literally pours her heart and soul into her clients, and I really want the world to know how much she devotes to her clients, and how much I, for one, truly appreciate her. You have an absolute treasure in Angela, she is the wishlist or fairy godtrainer every client dreams of.

I want everyone at your corporate offices to know what an excellent trainer she is.