I have been training with Ankhjii for almost a full year now. I started as a person that had never lifted anything heavy (intentionally) and I have had surgery on my right arm, right ankle, and left knee. I had a lot of mobility and strength issues to overcome. She has always been able to read my body movement and adjust the exercises; not to avoid the exercises, but to find a way that I can complete them successfully and without injury. It’s been a tough battle, and Ankhjii is my strongest cheerleader. She does not let me give up, but she listens to me when I know I cannot do something. With her outstanding support and creative thinking, I have gone from a wimpy, pasty person that could not do a body weight squat, to a person that can squat 95lbs. I have lost 10 pounds, I am healthier (I have not gotten a cold in almost a full year), I am stronger, and I respect what my body can do. With her guidance, support, encouragement, and planning, I have changed my body and my attitude. I followed her to Inspire Fitness, where we work out three times a week, and it is awesome.