I spent nine hours with Angela Yeo over the course of two and a half weeks, and I am happy to recommend her to anyone that is SERIOUS about their goals. I am a total gym n00b, I have had surgeries on all my limbs, however, she worked within these constraints and made me really feel like I CAN DO THIS. She is serious about the workout, but knows when to laugh. She pushed me HARD, and that is what I needed – I know if I had tried the same type stuff without her I would have given up (if I even had the guts to try in the first place). She drives her clients to PUSH HARD, be patient, and adapt, because the same thing does not work for every person. Every session we talked about how I felt about the previous session, what I had done in between sessions, how my diet and attitude (in life as well as in the gym) was, and she gave me an overview of what was on the agenda for that day, then BOOM, time to work. She gave me reasonable and realistic “homework” for me to do in the gym on my own and even gave me a diet challenge. She is awesome, and as you can see, she practices what she preaches. I always felt safe in the gym, even though I was pushing myself so hard, I never felt I was going to drop weight or injure myself. I happily recommend her, and I will return to her myself as well.