My goals starting out was actually to loose weight, sense then that has really taken a back seat as what’s most important to me is being fit and also being strong. I started out around 315 at the beginning of my training and I have sense dropped down to around 285 but I can say that in all honesty I’m in the best shape of my life and the strongest I’ve ever been and I’m certain this is the result of working with a top notch trainer like Anjie!

The training experience you will have is like none other, a energetic, fun, caring, knowledgeable professional, who puts her entire attention on you!
 I greatly appreciate the attention to detail that goes into every lift, every training session, every day, every week, every month! It’s clear that Anjie’s target is to help you achieve your personal goal whatever that entails.

She will create workout that will test you and build you in ways you wouldn’t imagine. I ask to be pushed to the limits, I don’t want to just be a skinnier me I want to be a fit strong individual. With Anjie’s help I’m obtaining that goal! I’m not there yet but I will be I’m enjoying the process and the journey can’t wait to see where we can get to.