I met Angie 5 months before my wedding. I came in with the goals of improving my shoulder definition as well as building my glutes. Though to me this seemed like plenty of time to get prepared for my big day, I quickly realized how much work it takes to build muscle. I came in already exercising 2-3 times a week, but mostly cardio.

Angie has taught me so many important skills and ways to train multiple muscle groups. Thanks to her I feel confident in the gym and how to use the majority of the equipment. I would have never tried deadlifting without her and she was able to empower me and make me feel confident in my ability. 

As a trainer, she is extremely knowledgeable, inspiring, encouraging, and patient. I have a difficult schedule and she works hard to accommodate me. I also have a lot of restrictions from past injuries that she has been able to modify and work around. Through this journey I can say I achieved my goal for my wedding day thanks to her, and have learned so much more beyond that. She has given me the tools to continue to change my body with tone and definition.

An important factor I have learned from this experience is Angie can help you multiple times a week etc, but so much of the work must come from yourself on making changes with your diet and working out on your own on days without her. I am very grateful to have learned from her and with the results we’ve achieved together.