I started working with Angie 7 months out from my wedding. I wanted to focus on getting more toned/definition for my upcoming wedding. when we first met we discussed what was most important to me, how my diet was, pictures of what my goals were etc and Angie designed a personal training plan for what I wanted to focus on.

My most important focus points were my deltoids and glutes. Angie came up with challenging but realistic workouts that we worked through together twice a week. She also helped look at my diet and made sure I was getting enough protein.

What I like most about working with Angie is that she really listens to what you want to focus on and knows exactly how to make that happen with hundreds of work out ideas. She can show you how to modify or do the same exercise ten different ways because of her vast experience. I have multiple physical limitations that she was able to work around and show me that I am capable of doing things I never thought I would be able to. She also is great about working around your schedule as mine is changing every week.

Overall Angie is always is on time, has a great attitude, really listens to her clients, and makes results happen. I am so pleased with my results thus far and we still have 6 months of training together.