Self discipline you say?? Well, in my opinion, you either have it, or you don’t! But if you don’t, can you admit it? For me, that’s a big UHHH YEAHHH!! I HAVE the work ethic! I HAVE the desire! But I really need help when it comes to “getting it together.” Enter PNBA/Certified Personal Trainer Anjie Yeo!! She’s an absolute joy to work with. Very professional, yet just enough quirk to make it fun. Having suffered some very serious injuries in the past, she knows my strengths as well as my weaknesses and we equally work on both. Her undeniable encouragement makes me WANT to do well, both inside, and outside of the gym. Since working with Anjie, one of my favorite quotes is, “Get fit in the gym, lose weight in the kitchen.” Anjie works with you on ALL aspects of your journey! Give her a try! You won’t be disappointed, and you certainly won’t regret it!!