I first meet Anjie back in 2nd grade. I was the weird new kid and she let me call her my former best friend’s name, hey I know, I already said I was a weird kid. But Anjie rolled with it and we were in the same group of friends through high school. We lost touch, because hey, that happens, but through the gift that is Facebook, I got to see her transformation into the strong, confident, kickass, athlete that she’s become today. The daily grind and her dedication to the lifestyle that is fitness is fucking inspiring.

Angie’s obviously very knowledgeable about the human body and how to put it through it’s paces. On top of that Anjie truly cares about getting you whole body healthy and has knowledge about diet that is a valuable pairing with the physical workouts she provides.

Though her greatest asset, and the reason I recommend her as a top choice for your next personal trainer, is her capacity for compassion while still keeping you accountable to your goals. She will push you. You will hate her at times. But you will give more than you thought possible of yourself. Making you realize that yes you can actually do this… and more!

Oh and I couldn’t write a review and not mention Zeus, the Total Nutrition mascot. After Anjie’s kicked your ass with a good session, take a minute to soak up some post workout love with doggie pets.